Having a high quality microphone to a lot of relevant Facebook followers is one of the most powerful marketing tools you can create for yourself. Why? Impressions, trust, and mindshare.

What happens when you buy a radio commercial? Dependent upon what channel you purchase it from, and when it airs, a certain amount of people will hear it. Those people are more than likely not paying attention, nor are they probably at their computers (meaning they’re far away from making it easy to get to your website). So what you’ve done is you’ve just spent a lot of money talking to someone one time. Keep in mind that impusle buys really only work for gum and lip gloss next to a cash register. Most every other business requires an average of seven impressions to convince someone to become a customer. The radio ad will only give you one impression, and then if you want a second impression you’ll have to pay again. The same thing is true with billboards, tv commercials, magazine ads, etc. No asset was created – just a single and expensive impression that has horrible conversion percentages.

On the other hand there is something called permission marketing. Getting Facebook followers is an example of permission marketing because when they click ‘Like’ they are giving your page permission to talk to them via their Newsfeed. When this happens, there is an exponentially higher conversion rate (amount of people that turn into paying customers). This is true for many reasons, these are some of them:

1. Once they’ve liked your page, you can talk to them everyday – which increases the amount of impressions (amount of times they see your company and think about you).

2. When you talk to them regularly you are building up trust. This is why people blog, create videos, and utilize social media so much. Those marketers are trying to build trust with their customers. In today’s world, you must build a relationship with your market. The field of dreams is over – if you simply build it, they will not come.

3. Once trust and impressions have been established, mindshare has been created. This means you own the part of their thought process when they scan for your service.  So for example, McDonalds has your cheap burger mindshare, Google has your search engine mindshare, and hopefully The Greenhouse has your virtual accelerator mindshare :) Your goal is to own your market’s mindshare for whatever you’re selling. It could mean ‘Miami Photographer’ or ‘Portland Dentist’.

The idea is that old school marketing talks to a lot of people, but very few of them convert. On the other hand, new school marketing talks to far fewer people, but a radically higher percentage convert. So it looks something like this:

Old School 
Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 2.35.29 Night

New School

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 2.38.08 Night

In the old school way of doing things, more people noticed the ad – but less people acted on it. In the new school way of doing things, less people noticed the ads – but more people acted on it.

Why National Followers? 

This package is essentially geared towards startups that can scale their operations nationally, and thus need a microphone that is just as big. This isn’t the correct package for a small business such as a doctor’s office or gym. If that’s who you are, you’ll need a local following and thus should check out this package. 

The other main reason is getting national likes is substantially cheaper than getting local likes. Although there are a lot of benefits to having all your followers in a single geographic area – it’s debatably better to have way more total followers than it is to have few of them that are close together.

Let’s break down the math a little. . . 

If you were to buy a $1,750 magazine ad in a small, but national, magazine – you’d probably end up with a half a page ad in the back of the magazine.

Let’s say this gets you 100,000 eyeballs on your ad and you’re able to convert 1% of them into paying customers (100 people).

Let’s pretend that you’re building the next Twitter, where the average lifetime value of a customer is worth $20. This will result in $2,000 in revenue, which is a $250 profit after you calculate the original cost of the ad.


Let’s pretend that you spent that $1,750 on getting 1,000 relevant likes for your FB page.

Because you can talk to them regularly your conversion – over time – will be much higher than the magazine ad. It will be something closer to 20-30% of your followers. Let’s pretend it’s 20%. If that’s the case 200 people will turn into serious customers which is a lifetime value of $20 each.

But because you can talk to them regularly, and remind/incentive them to come back, their lifetime value is actually higher – let’s say it goes up to $30. This means you’ll get 200 serious customers, times $30 a piece, which adds up to $6,000.

What’s even better is you now have a social presence versus the ghost town that used to sit on your Facebook page. A large social following will give you better SEO (because Google checks social signals), more social proof (meaning others will automatically think you’re cooler because so many people follow you), and you’ll have that asset forever (as opposed to the magazine article which will fade away).

How Do We Do it?

We take the money you pay us and buy Facebook ads, directed at your target market – until you have 1,000 more followers. It won’t cost us $1,750 to get you a thousand fans, but it will be close. We take the profit between how much we charge you and how much Facebook charges us.

How Long Will It Take?

The first three weeks you’ll get very little ‘likes’. We’ll be testing copy, pictures, captions, and a number of other variables for very little money. We’ll run approximately 30 experiments at about $10 a piece. The best performing experiment or two we will then double down on and spend the rest of the budget. That will take another 2-to-3 weeks. Thus, an approximate total of six weeks.

Can’t I Do That Myself?

Yep, you can. But good luck. It’s the best ad platform in the world, and it is totally learnable. That said, we’ve been buying ads on Facebook for almost six years and have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars doing so. We’ve also consulted many of our clients through the process of doing their own ads, which has given us experience in many different cities, selling many different products/services.

There is a huge learning curve, it will take a long time, and there are a lot of places to make seemingly innocent mistakes (with large financial repercussions). The profit that we will make by doing it for you will probably be less than the money you waste learning.

Will I Be Able To Target Specific People?

You sure will. There is a number of things we can do to target different types of people. We’ll give you some options (like gender, age, digital activities, etc). You’ll choose a couple and then we’ll run some tests. The best performing tests we’ll confirm with you, and double down.

I Want More More Than 1,000 Followers…

Great, we have this package for 5,000 followers for $8,750. It will take a little longer, but we’ll get there.

Can’t I Just Buy Three Of the 1,000 Follower Package For $5,250 And Save $3,500?

No. The reason is it gets harder and harder to get relevant followers for your business the higher we go. To go from 1,000-to-5,000 followers it will take us a lot more effort and ads (which will get increasingly expensive).

To order 1,000 national Facebook followers, the first step is to start a casual email conversation with someone from our team. So fill out the contact form below and we’ll get back to you ASAP.


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