Small Biz Gold

This package is designed to help small business entrepreneurs incur a higher likelihood of success, faster – guaranteed. These are businesses like doctor’s offices, gyms, tanning salons, restaurants, lawn mowing companies, dentist offices, lawyers, etc. Something that has a very serious local or brick-and-mortar presence.

The problem we’ve seen is that running/starting a small business is extremely tough. You end up having to juggle what feels like a million different responsibilities. Because of this, entrepreneurs end up launching too slow, or spending too much money in doing so. By the time they finally launch their too busy to follow through on the thousand things they missed; stuff like SEO, social media marketing, and high quality web design). 

The small business gold package will fix this problem. Say goodbye to not following through with those “million” steps, and hello to a more successful small business. We’ve invested in over 100 local companies in the last three years. We don’t just invest in them either, we put them through our incubator. That means we build their sites, write their operating agreements, work with them 1-on-1 one, and a whole slew of other things. This package was designed after seeing what things each one of them struggled with the most on their way to launching. So not only do we have a radical amount of experience at the early stages, we also know the importance of speed. For every day we’re late after 30 days we will take one hundred dollars off the price. That’s right…you’ll be launched in one month.

This package includes:

Service A La Carte Price
Basic Website Design $2,500
1,000 Local Facebook ‘Likes’ $3,000
EIN + LLC Registration $750
Local Search Engine Optimization $700
Consultation With Lawyer $400
3 Consultations With Startup Expert $600
2 Consultations With Technologist $400
Total A La Carte Price $8,150
Actual Cost Of Package $5,000
Total Savings $3,150

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