It’s as true today as it was when it was first said. The difference between then and now is your location also has a lot to do with your digital location – meaning is it easy to find you on the internet and in search engines? We’ve designed a special package just for this problem/opportunity. It includes:

One Pre-SEO Phone Consultation

This is where we will learn more about your company, it’s goals, and what keywords you’re trying to rank higher for.

Four Written Blog Posts 

Blogging is the quintessential place to start when it comes to search engine optimization. The problem is that most people are either horrible writers, or they can’t stay focused long enough to write a blog, or they just don’t have time for it. We aren’t going to be writing to turn you into the next popular blog. We will be writing to using very specific wording that your customers are searching for. Then, after we optimize the pages, your site will come up more often in search engines, and be higher. This will translate into more hits, which will translate into more revenue.

SEO Plugin Coded To Your Website

This will make it easy to accomplish some of the more important SEO tactics, faster. It will easily optimize the written blogs we will produce + any future blogs, content, or pages you’ll add to the site.

One Post-SEO Phone Consultation

We are going to concentrate on three things here (a) an SEO 101 basics so you know where to keep working (b) help you identify your strategy moving forward and (c) teach you how to keep up the strategies that we already implemented (we can accomplish a lot with this package, but SEO is a marathon and not a sprint – the long battle is up to you).

To order this service the first step is to start a casual email conversation with someone from our team. So fill out the contact form below and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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