If you’re an entrepreneur and you’ve been to business school you’re going to find this statement sad; if you’re an entrepreneur and you haven’t been to business school you’re going to find it funny:

Business schools teach business. Startups and small businesses aren’t businesses. Thus some of this education is transferrable, but most is not. Working for a corporation? Great, it’s pertinent. Starting your own company? Not so much.

 We learned this the hard way after our team split up across the country to attend the world’s finest business schools. Then we graduated, started companies of our own, and realized that with little exception, nothing was relevant. Starting a business was closer to science than it was business.

When starting a small business or startup you technically have nothing but a set of hypotheses. As the founder it’s your job to build experiments that turn these hypotheses into facts. You only think you know what your pricing structure is; you only think you know who your target customers are; you only think you know what your market will like the most about you – and the list goes on.

The Greenhouse is how we monetize our network and skill-sets, but our true job is we own a for-equity business incubator that specializes in early-stage companies. An incubator is a fancy way of saying it’s a school. A school that is infinitely more relevant than the tuition-hungry staples of academia (AKA college).

Through this experience we’ve helped hundreds of founders get their companies off the ground, faster – with a higher likelihood of success. This has afforded us with a radical amount of pattern recognition. This means when we talk with you we’ll be able to hone in on the problems and opportunities faster, and push you in the right direction.

Tiger Woods has a caddy. LeBron James has a trainer. Tom Brady has an offensive coordinator. Mia Hamm has a coach. These people have proven it doesn’t matter how good you are at your craft, you need another opinion from time-to-time. Not necessarily to tell you what you’re doing wrong, but also to tell you what you’re doing right – so you can go faster.

Think of us like your virtual board of advisors…

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