First, a piece of advice: when starting a company everyone worries about the things they don’t know. Don’t let those worries stall you from starting, or even scare you away from starting at all. The idea is to learn one thing at a time. By the time you’re done with your entrepreneurial career you’ll have a graduate level degree in many different fields, one of them being law.

 Of all the things that worry entrepreneurs in the early stages, legal issues are one of the scariest. If navigated incorrectly, you could end up in a heap of trouble. That trouble could mean the end of your company, huge financial setbacks, or even jail time. Discussing your business and its potential legal landmines with a lawyer is crucial. Not only is it a fresh perspective on your company, it could uncover one of the many things that you’re currently overlooking.

The next piece of advice: the law is very complex and because of this there are a ton of attorneys to help people navigate it. With such an environment attorneys have been forced to specialize. Things like medical malpractice, divorce, traffic, civic, environmental, etc. Within each of the many categories there is a breadth of subcategories. I promise you this: if you want business law advice from anyone other than a business lawyer, you’re greatly risking the quality of that advice.

 Remember how I said there are different subcategories for each general specialty? That is even truer with business law. Under this umbrella sits tax law, formation specialists, IPO attorneys, etc. Over time you’re going to want to meet with each of these people for consultation on your company. Not all at first, or you’ll never get off the ground – but eventually.

So whom should you meet with then? The answer is someone who specializes at the early stages of law. Experts in things like operating agreements, equity splitting, entity formation, and all of the hurdles that early-stage entrepreneurs must clear.

Why early stage specialists? Because growth stage businesses, public companies, small businesses, and startups are all as different as physics, astronomy, biology, and chemistry are. Scientists stick to their specialties, because doing anything else wouldn’t allow them to be valuable enough to society. The same is true with regard to practicing law at different stages of business.

So whom will you be speaking to when you set up a legal consultation with The Greenhouse? The answer is not only someone who has dedicated their life to business law, but has stuck to the earliest of stages when it comes to specialty and focus. Our counsel has not only helped us invest in over one hundred of our own early-stage startups, but they have stuck their flag in our city as the foremost early-stage experts. They’ve developed a radical level of pattern recognition that allows them to sniff out pitfalls before the average lawyer could.

Is $400 a lot? Not compared to what it will cost when you get sued.

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