• Get your startup or small business off the ground in 30 days, with a higher likelihood of success - guaranteed

We Help Entrepreneurs Start Their Companies

Have you recently started your company, or are thinking about doing so? Let me guess, you want to get into business because you either love – or are especially good at something that you want to do for the rest of your life? Yet you have learned very quickly that starting a company has very little to do with why you are getting into business, and more to do with putting together a giant puzzle? Allow us to introduce ourselves: we are The Greenhouse Virtual Business Accelerator. We are made up of angel investors, technologists, and entrepreneurs that have helped hundreds of companies get off the ground – and we want to do the same thing for you. We provide several bundles of goods and services that are designed to get your startup or small business off the ground in thirty days, with a higher likelihood of success – guaranteed. If you don’t want the packages we also sell individual services a la carte style.

Our Latest Web Design Work

It’s hard to get off the ground without a website. We make them, we make them beautiful, and we make them fast. Most startups and small businesses in need of a website make one of two mistakes: they either have their friend do it on the cheap, and it sucks – or they pay too much for a web design shop that ends up never hitting deadlines. Fix both of those problems with The Greenhouse. We guarantee quality and speed.


  • Ship and Dip - Kristen, Founder

  • David Bickley - David, Founder/Photographer

  • Flood.FM - Paul, CEO/Founder


Who We are?

The Greenhouse team is exclusively made up of entrepreneurs that own one of the country’s largest business incubators. That means that it’s our life’s work to help entrepreneurs get off the ground – as well as to arm them with tools designed to increase their likelihood of success. We provide everything from office space to web development throughout a multi-year and rigorous program; it’s been described as “founder heaven”. It’s through that platform that we’ve been able to invest in over a hundred different early-stage ventures! The problem with that model is we were turning down thousands of people that wanted to be part of our program because they didn’t live in our city. The Greenhouse is the virtual version of our business incubator; meaning we offer most of the stuff that we do in-person with our current investments – except without providing office space or even making you leave your home.

About Our Skills

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Step 1: Let’s Start An Email Conversation About Your Business

Everything about your business and how we can help you is complex. That’s why the first step is simple: just start an email conversation with us. Give us some basic info so we can email you, and then tell us a little about your business. Say something like “I’m starting a law practice in Chicago and am interested in your Small Business Platinum Package.” From there we will write back with some questions and we’ll see whether we are a correct fit for each other. There is no commitment on either of our sides to simply start a conversation. It will take less time than going through a fast food line – so what are you waiting for? Act now.

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